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Creating a Stronger, Healthier You

Functional Fitness is focused on training your muscles to work together and building bodies capable of doing real-life activities in everyday situations. We don't limit challenges, we challenge limits. We are a community of people committed to pushing ourselves, encouraging each other, and becoming the strongest and healthiest individuals that we can be.

We offer a number of classes and one-on-one programs for individuals local to Kankakee County, Illinois, including:

- Strength and conditioning classes

- Personal training

- Sports-specific training

- Speed and agility training


Show your support for Functional Fitness with our official merch! We offer branded gear and activewear that can be ordered here and picked up from our Manteno, IL gym or shipped anywhere in the USA.

functional fitness gear, activewear, crossfit shirt, gym shirt

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a classification of training that prepares the body for real-life motions and tasks; training your muscles to interact efficiently during common activities you might do in your home, at work, or in sports. Movements such as squatting, pulling, lifting, and reaching becomes easier with functional fitness integrated into your workout regimen. Functional fitness concentrates on building a body efficient in doing real-life activities in real-life settings; not simply bettering one movement, one muscle, or one type of exercise.

Prior to moving easily in your day-to-day life without injury, you must learn the basics, including include strength, balance/coordination, and mobility. Zeroing in on these aspects of your training have countless advantages that translate to your daily life. Motions such as walking, running, jumping, lifting, pushing, flexing, twisting, turning, standing, starting, stopping, climbing, and lunging become easier when training to improve functional strength.

As with any kind of new workout, it is essential to start at a slow pace and ease in to it. If functional fitness seems like something you have an interest in, it's important to take into consideration the way in which you will be completing these workouts. While some may succeed in a gym setting, such as at Functional Fitness, our gym in Manteno, others may do better with one-one-one coaching or on their own at home. This is why we offer personal training in Manteno, personal training in Bradley, personal training in Bourbonnais, personal training in Kankakee, personal training in Peotone, and virtual personal training. Our coaches will work with you to determine the best environment and methods for you! We will often start with body weight movements and work from there to add resistance, weight, and other tools to help you advance. Every workout is designed with the individual in mind, offering scaling and modification options, if necessary.

Functional fitness has a number of advantages, including improvements in your health and wellness, daily life, and sports efficiency. Functional fitness boosts the overall function of your body, increasing muscle strength and endurance, developing muscle and body stability, makes daily activities easier. By performing routine functional fitness workouts, you are not just developing muscular tissue and core strength, but exercising the brain also, effectively increasing your memory capacity. Functional fitness helps to boost equilibrium, control, balance, muscle strength, and agility, increasing your overall body capabilities, control, and mobility. Considering that functional fitness is all about educating the body to make the muscles interact effectively, overall balance and posture will improve with regular training. Educating the muscles to handle weight effectively will also minimize stresses on the body. By mimicking the activities done in everyday life, the body is more able to stand up to stress factors. Functional fitness training increases muscle and tendon strength, which are areas that are very prone to injury. While this is simply a consolidated list of benefits, it is easy to see that functional fitness can be highly beneficial to your wellness.

Functional fitness is designed to prepare you for all aspects of fitness and life, not just one, such as running, lifting weights, swimming, etc. If you can hit a 300-pound back squat, yet you're out of breath walking to your car at the grocery store, for example, functional fitness might be the answer. This style of training will also help you become a much more well-rounded athlete.

About Us

Functional Fitness was founded by James Jones, personal trainer and CFL2 coach. James has over 10 years of experience coaching and has owned multiple gyms across the United States.

Functional Fitness offers in-person fitness classes and personal training sessions at its Manteno, IL gym, making it perfect for anyone looking for a gym in Manteno, gym in Bourbonnais, gym in Bradley, gym in Peotone or a gym in Kankakee.

Virtual functional fitness programming is also for people located anywhere in the world, providing a daily workout that's applicable and scale-able for anyone of any fitness level.

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